PRIORGLASS is one of the largest production companies for the processing of sheet glass. The multi-profile production complex allows performing work of different levels of complexity.

The company’s main activities are: producing glass products, designing glass and aluminum structures, installing translucent structures.

All glass products are manufactured to meet the requirements of state and international standards in the glass industry and building regulations.

PRIORGLASS means modern production technologies, the latest equipment, high-quality products and an individual approach to each customer.

The large number of segments in the glass industry covered by the company allows providing a wide range of services and meet the most complex and unusual requests.

So, the general list of services provided by us includes:

  1. Manufacturing glass products:
    • glass tempering up to 6000х3210 mm
    • triplex glass (laminated) up to 6000х3210 mm;
    • multifunctional and common double-glazed windows up to 6000х3210 mm;
    • matting (sand blasting);
    • ultraviolet printing;
    • curved glass
    • stemalite glass (glass with burnt enamel)
    • chemically tempered glass
    • painted glass
    • fire resistant glass
    • bulletproof glass
    • electrically heated glass
    • Lacobel glass, Matelac glass
    • mirrors of all kinds
    • optiwhite and tinted glass
    • glass for the transport and aircraft industry
  2. Designing structures
    • all-glass structures
    • aluminum structures and stained-glass windows
    • structures using ferrous metal and stainless steel
  3. Installing glass structures
    • glass doors
    • glass partitions
    • aluminum office partitions
    • glass visors
    • glass railings
    • stainless steel railings
    • glass floors
    • wall coverings with mirrors
    • elevator shaft glazing
    • installing shower cabins
  4. Installing aluminum structures
    • mullion-transom glazing
    • spider glazing (planar glazing)
    • structural glazing
    • aluminum windows and doors
    • wooden windows and doors
    • automatic doors
    • revolving doors
    • skylights
    • winter gardens
    • greenhouse complex glazing

At the moment, PRIORGLASS successfully sells its products and provides services not only on the market of the Russian Federation and the CIS countries, but also is active in entering the global arena.

You will find all the necessary information about realized projects, services, products and completed objects on our website. You can send all your questions, technical specifications and requests to the following email address: info@priorglass.ru.

With respect to you and your business, PRIORGLASS.

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